About Me

I fell in love with software engineering because, for many things, it means I never have to do the same thing twice. From simple automation scripts and chron jobs for repetitive tasks to building out complex integrated systems and tools, I’m passionate about projects that lower barriers to entry and allow both developers and non-developers alike to go from concept to execution more quickly.

I’m especially interested in solving problems at scale. Tailoring right-sized, scalable and cost effective infrastructure to the use case so that solutions can reach the widest possible audience and are sustainable even without revenue.

Currently, I’m working on Svelvet, a Svelte component library enabling developers to quickly build interactive, customizable, node-based applications. I’m thrilled to be a small part of bringing dynamic, desktop-class interfaces to the web. Our latest release added a brand new API and functional connections powered by a custom data flow tool.

Looking forward, I’m excited about spatial computing, the ability to envision user experiences beyond the two-dimensional canvas of a laptop or phone screen, and serverless computing at the edge, bringing the power of data center grade GPUs and CPUs to everyone.